Trains, Planes & Automobiles.

Okay so maybe he has not cooked in a moving car but if you’ve dinned while travelling at 60 kilometres per hour on the ornate Blue Train or at 30 000 feet in SAA’s
luxurious First Class you’ve had the pleasure of enjoying Chef Pauls Food.  He might have traded it all for a more stationary approach to catering but Pauls Food is
still moving speedily forward. This business started as a result of a demand for exclusive, up market convenience products. It has diversified to include corporate and
private functions, creative braai functions, tapas parties and snack platters, team building and interactive cooking demos. Over his career Paul represented SA at
numerous international culinary competitions, received numerous awards and held the position of Chairperson of the Pretoria and Gauteng South African Chefs
Association. His impressive portfolio of clients include SA Reserve, Swiss Embassy, and University of Pretoria UNISA but still he remains down to earth. If you asked
him he would say that when it came to fine dining he is a classic chef who still believes that the Auguste Escoffier way is the right way,but when given the chance you’ll
find him enjoying his own original craft beer and pizza which he makes in the wood burning pizza oven he built in his back yard. He also admits that for him nothing
beats freshly caught, pan fried shad in a little butter with boiled potatoes and steamed veg, and with any luck an oyster or 6, which he indulges in on his annual fishing
trips to the South Coast. Like most great chefs Paul is a firecracker but learnt to pick his battles while he was a trainee chef. He recalls working in the hotel Arnold
Schwarzenegger stayed at while competing for the Mr Universe title in the late 70’s. “He walked into the hotel kitchen, soup bowl in hand which he held out to me. 
Towering above me, in his gruff German accent all that he said was “ ice cream”. Who was little young I to argue with the future Mr Universe and Conan the Destroyer!”

Paul has made it his mission to tailor make the finest quality cuisine to suit the needs of the client whether corporate or private, large or small. Fresh ingredients are
sourced to create original culinary art. Watch this space for information on an exciting, innovative informal training program soon on offer to skill you in such a way t
hat you become the executive chef of your own kitchen.